Who is Gtechniq?

Smart, Surface, Science
gtechniq smart surface science

Quantum Physicist and car enthusiast, Drew Gill founded Gtechniq in 2001 after his constant frustration with other automotive coating companies’ short lifespans and false claims. This drove him to create a product through real life testing and laboratory research and development. Thus, in 2004 the first Gtechniq automotive product, C1 Crystal Lacquer was released.

Gtechniq gained its reputation of performance within the detailing forums by employing feedback from professionals in the field; in addition to laboratory testing. Over the last 10 years Gtechniq and their products have continually improved to ensure a top of the line performance every time. In 2017, Crystal Serum Ultra was revealed which is to date, Gtechniqs premiere ceramic coating; this particular serum must be applied by a Gtechniq accredited installer

Gtechniq Car Coating

Gtechniq Car Coating

The formula of Gtechniq Car Coating has continuously shown its ability to outperform and out last the competition 10 to 1. The protection and quality offered by Gtechniq does not just stop at your vehicles paint. They offer a variety of products that were specifically designed to perfect, protect, and maintain the interior of your vehicle, your wheels, windows, and so much more!

“Smart, Surface, Science”

This is truly the best way to summarize who Gtechniq Car Coating really is and what they are all about.

Their line of surface preparation and finishing products are specifically designed to perfect, protect, and maintain it ALL!

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