Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do approximate times reflect dry time?

 No! Unfortunately, the time frame you are provided is only for the completion of the service and does not include dry time. We encourage our customers who require a shampooing to allow their vehicle to dry an additional 2 hours after the quoted time.

Not in a rush? Feel free to leave your vehicle overnight in our secured, gated, and locked facility!

“I’m a mom with three kids, would I benefit from ceramic coating my vehicle?”

 Yes! Absolutely! We believe ceramic coating is even more beneficial for the everyday driver. With Gtechniqs advanced formula your vehicle has an extra layer of protection from the harsh realities of daily life.

How do I know if I need a paint correction?

Even brand-new vehicles would benefit from a paint correction! Every car- even the best ones have their blemishes, with a paint correction we achieve a contaminant free- mirror finish every time.

Why is a credit card required to book a complete detail?

While we do not require a credit card for our smaller details, a complete detail blocks an entire days’ worth of services. Therefore, we require a credit card on file and a 24- hour cancellation notice to avoid a fee.  If you do happen to call 24-hours before your appointment, we would love to get you rescheduled for another time.

*Please note, once a service has been completed or cancelled all credit card information is destroyed our system.

How often should I get my vehicle or bike detailed?

Depending on environment, commute, and storage- we recommend one weekly Pro Wash.

Do you have gift cards?

Yes! We offer electronic gift cards for our customers to purchase at any value. To purchase a gift card please call us or stop in anytime!

“Can I just wait for my appointment? What if I have my kids?”

 You most certainly can wait for your appointment to finish, the whole family can! We have complimentary water, coffee, and healthy snack choices! We also have free WIFI available for our customers.