Paint Correction

Car Paint Correction

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Stage 1 Correction

Full decontamination of the vehicles paint. Iron-X Decon is sprayed to remove any brake dust, rail dust, or minerals within the paint. A clay bar is then used to remove any leftover bugs, sap, or tar, resulting in a squeaky clean and smooth surface. We then apply a thorough one-stage polish using only the best products and equipment to ensure a mirror finish!

Stage 1 Paint Correction
Stage 1

Stage 2 Correction

For the car or truck that uses tunnel car washes frequently, someone with children, or whose car may sit outside – causing the paint to become dull and oxidized. A Stage 2 correction includes a medium to heavy buff to remove any swirl marks and hairline scratches caused from car washes or accidents from the kiddos. Once buffing is complete, a Stage 1 correction process finishes off the appointment.

Stage 2 Paint Correction
Stage 2

Stage 3 Correction

For vehicles that are severely oxidized, heavily contaminated/scratched, or require special attention (e.g. original Porsche paint)- these vehicles will require a wet sanding and three-step buff and polish.

  • Please note: A Stage 3 Correction is a labor-intensive process. It may require your vehicle to stay within our facility until the job is complete. Time requirements will be discussed at initial consultation and maybe subject to change.
Stage 3 Paint Correction
Stage 3
All car Paint Correction are finished with Gtechniqs C2V3 liquid crystal ceramic spray (6-month protection).
A Pro Wash is also included for all Paint Corrections.
Ask us about upgrading your ceramic spray to Gtechniqs ultra-durable, swirl and chemical resistant Ceramic Coating!

Additional Services

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